Whiten your teeth

Whitening Toothpaste

The most convenient way to whiten – simply replace your regular toothpaste for 30 days

Finally, a toothpaste that is clinically proven to whiten as well as the leading whitening strip – as you brush!

Unlike other “whitening” toothpastes, this innovative system doesn’t just polish the surface of your teeth. It penetrates the enamel to reach the stains that make teeth look dingy and yellow, and TRULY whitens them. Combining a luxurious daily fluoride toothpaste with a highly effective brush-on whitening gel, this two-tube system delivers results that no single-tube toothpaste can.

You can whiten your teeth with no messy, complicated separate whitening products. Simply brush your teeth twice a day – what you’re doing anyway – to get a TRULY whiter smile.