Teeth Whitening Basics and the Smile Whitening Ampoule

GO SMiLE's Unique Whitening Boosters


- Smile Whitening Light (in Smile Whitening Light System and Power Whitening Light System)
- Pre-Whitening Amplifier Gel (in Pre-Whitening Amplifier Gel, Speed Whitening System, and Power Whitening Light System)

Teeth Whitening Basics and the Smile Whitening Ampoule

Enamel, the outer, somewhat translucent surface of teeth, is very hard, but it's also porous. Our whitening serum was scientifically designed to remove not only outer stains on the teeth, but also get through the tiny pores in the enamel and whiten below the surface, in the dentin. Dentin is the deeper layer, where stains from food, drinking, and smoking accumulate over time, making your teeth look darker — often brown or yellow, rather than white and bright.

GO SMiLE's whitening serum is contained in Smile Whitening Ampoules, which are the key, fundamental components in most of our whitening systems. The serum contains the optimal powerful-but-safe concentration of hydrogen peroxide, which whitens more efficiently and quickly than the alternate forms of peroxide contained in other whiteners. It also contains a proprietary polymer which allows it to adhere to teeth while it whitens, and then safely dissolves away on its own.

Also unique to GO SMiLE is our patented Ampoule Technology™ delivery system which holds the serum. It enables the hydrogen peroxide to stay stable, fresh, and potent so it's maximally effective at the moment of use. After the serum is applied from the ampoule with the built-in applicator tip, the peroxide breaks down and releases highly reactive ions — parts of the peroxide molecule — that are so small and chemically active that they travel through the pores in the enamel, reaching into the teeth to fight stains. When the ions reach the stains, they break chemical bonds in the stains, which causes them to become colorless, visibly whitening the teeth!

GO SMiLE's Unique Whitening Boosters

The other key components of GO SMiLE's whitening systems are designed to further optimize the whitening process, making it more effective and comfortable. Smile Whitening Light accelerates the whitening process with light energy, and Pre-Whitening Amplifier Gel boosts it with a safe chemical reaction while protecting against the sensitivity that whitening can cause.

In our quest to advance the science and art of teeth whitening, GO SMiLE's PhD scientists theorized that technologies that assist in breaking down hydrogen peroxide into its active components while it's on the teeth will speed up and optimize the whitening process. Smile Whitening Light is the result of a lengthy design and development process - it's the ultimate whitening "accelerating" device for at-home use. It brings cutting-edge dentist-approved technology into your home, to make teeth whitening faster and easier than ever.

Lights on their own can't effectively or safely whiten teeth. However, certain wavelengths of light energy can activate the peroxide in our Smile Whitening Ampoules to accelerate whitening. The serum absorbs the energy, which photochemically "excites" the peroxide molecules into breaking down faster. It provides "activating energy" that speeds up and improves the performance of whitening.

In Smile Whitening Light System, the Smile Whitening Light device works powerfully with Smile Whitening Ampoules, to whiten teeth quickly - in just one sitting! After the whitening serum is applied from the ampoule, the light is shone onto the teeth for three 10-minute sessions. When applied to teeth coated with the serum in Smile Whitening Ampoules, Smile Whitening Light improves the chemical reaction that occurs. It makes more efficient use of the same amount of peroxide - speeding up the reaction, producing more of the ions that whiten teeth - maximizing the action and efficacy of the whitener.

Power Whitening Light System layers in yet another accelerating technology by including Pre-Whitening Amplifier Gel swabs, which are applied right before the whitening serum. It's explained below how how the Pre-Whitening Amplifier Gel swabs further enhance the whitening process.

GO SMiLE scientists were very careful about what kind of light to use and chose LEDs for their safety and effectiveness. They knew that heat, or very short wavelengths of light, could provide a great deal of energy. However, both can damage living tissue, cause pain, and can even destroy the nerves and pulp of teeth. Some whitening lights contain UV light - the same wavelength that can cause skin damage. It's very important to choose the correct wavelength of light that will work safely!

Smile Whitening Light has been scientifically engineered to provide the best, exclusive combination of safe light wavelengths for tooth whitening. It accelerates the whitening process without generating a damaging level of heat or radiation. Rather than providing just one color of light, these LEDs were selected to emit a broader range of the appropriate wavelengths. This leads to maximum absorption by the formula and efficient acceleration of whitening. Smile Whitening Light is a scientifically engineered, patent-pending design to efficiently illuminate the entire "smile zone", and the energy-efficient LED bulbs will work for thousands of hours.

Again based on GO SMiLE's PhD scientists' belief that technologies that assist in breaking down hydrogen peroxide would enhance the whitening process, they developed and patented Pre-Whitening Amplifier Gel, a chemical accelerator to apply to teeth immediately before using Smile Whitening Ampoules. Precisely because the Pre-Whitening Amplifier Gel activates the whitening serum, the two formulas can't coexist in one package. The two are applied separately but work together in Speed Whitening System.

In Speed Whitening System, Pre-Whitening Amplifier Gel and the Whitening Serum in the Smile Whitening Ampoules, applied one after the other, make more efficient use of the same amount of peroxide — speeding up the reaction, producing more of the ions that whiten teeth — which maximizes the action and efficacy of the whitener without increasing sensitivity. This enables better whitening than is possible with a single-step system – it cuts whitening time in half!

Pre-Whitening Amplifier Gel is a clear, flavorless "base coat" that accelerates the release of stain-fighting oxygen ions in our whitening serum. It also virtually eliminates tooth sensitivity in two ways. It contains a proprietary, patent-pending ingredient complex to minimize irritation, and it also reduces the risk of sensitivity simply by allowing whitening to occur faster, so there's less exposure of the teeth to the peroxide.

Like Smile Whitening Light, Pre-Whitening Amplifier Gel by itself can't whiten teeth. Its patent-pending ingredients energize and activate peroxide to accelerate whitening. In fact, because all teeth whiteners use some form of peroxide, this exclusive formula makes any teeth whitening product work better, faster and with less sensitivity!

Power Whitening Light System is the ultimate fast, easy, effective whitener, because it includes both Smile Whitening Light and Pre-Whitening Amplifier Gel to work with the Smile Whitening Ampoules. (It's like using the Smile Whitening Light with Speed Whitening System.) With all 3 components, the whitening process is accelerated both chemically and photochemically, and it has the additional layer of sensitivity protection from the Pre-Whitening Amplifier Gel.

Our whitening systems are composed of different combinations of these key components and should be selected based on your individual needs, the time you're willing to dedicate to whitening, and your budget.

Here is a summary of the components that are included in each whitening system, to help you decide which whitener is best for you!

Power Whitening Light System X X X
Smile Whitening Light System X   X
Speed Whitening System   X X
Smile Whitening System     X