How It Works

Unlike "whitening" toothpastes that only remove surface stains, Hyperox™ technology in the Teeth Whitening Gel gets past the enamel to whiten teeth inside and out, for a major improvement that you can see! Just add the Teeth Whitening Gel to your toothpaste as part of your daily routine. You will see results starting within a couple weeks, and continued improvement as long as you use it. And unlike inconvenient, messy strips or trays, brushing with the Teeth Whitening Gel whitens all tooth surfaces, not just the fronts of teeth, for a visibly more radiant smile from every angle.

From the Dentist

So effective, and so easy to use! Whiten while you brush…you don't even have to add an extra step to your regular routine. Your teeth pick up new stains every day. In my experience, the continuous, daily use of a whitening product gives an even longer-lasting result than a short-term, intense program. This Gel is the perfect daily-use product for a beautiful white smile.

- Dr. Maryann Lehmann D.D.S.