How It Works

Many toothpastes and sonic brushes can scrub away surface stains, but that won't make a significant difference in the color of teeth, because a lot of visible staining actually exists beneath the enamel. Sonic Blue's Teeth Whitening Gel doesn't stop at the surface - its whitening power gets INTO teeth to remove even older, set-in stains. The blue light emitted by the brush head speeds up penetration and stain removal, so you could see a difference in as little as 2 days, and your teeth will look whiter and brighter the longer you use it. And while whitening strips whiten just the front of teeth, this unique system whitens every surface that you brush. All without a separate whitening process - just use the Sonic Blue brush and Gel with your toothpaste, and brush twice a day, like you would anyway!

See Real Results
The Sonic Blue System removes stains not just from the front of teeth, but from every surface that you brush! Image shows actual results after 30 days.
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"this toothbrush is going to put a lot of people out of business…it really, really works"

From the Dentist

If you want white teeth, first you need clean teeth! The Sonic Blue toothbrush cleans much more effectively than a manual brush. I’ve seen that my patients who use it have very little or no plaque on a daily basis – which helps keep teeth from discoloring.


The System also adds the whitening power of the Gel, boosted by the blue light - similar to the light I use in whitening treatments in my office. It’s a powerful tool that delivers both oral health and smile beauty – which my busy patients love!

- Dr. Maryann Lehmann D.D.S.