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Smile Whitening Light System



Fastest results - works in one treatment

The fastest results for teeth with light to moderate stains - see a difference after just one treatment! The light accelerates the power of the whitening serum to remove teeth stains, inside and out. Your teeth can be white by tonight - and use as often as needed to get the results you want!

- The fastest whitening for moderate stains - see results after one use, repeat treatment to whiten more
- Apply serum directly to teeth, apply light to activate - takes less than 1 hour
- Dentist office whitening technology at an affordable price; light is reusable for many treatments

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Smile Whitening Light System brings dentist-inspired whitening into the home, making it convenient and affordable! The light device boosts the stain-fighting power of our patented whitening ampoules, so you can achieve a visibly whiter smile in well under an hour.

After applying the whitening serum to your teeth, shine the activating light onto them until the timer beeps. Repeat this twice more to complete one treatment. It's easy and fast - you can whiten your teeth in the time it takes to watch a TV show!

The light delivers the optimal wavelengths at the right power to activate and accelerate the whitening serum and make teeth visibly whiter right away. The system can be used again over multiple days - and especially before special occasions! - for even greater improvement. This system contains 12 ampoules, enough for four full treatments. The light device has a detachable and washable mouthpiece, so you can also share it with the entire family. Ampoule refill packs are available separately.

Smile Whitening Light with installed battery
12 0.03 oz Smile Whitening Ampoules for 4 treatments
Drawstring storage bag for light


Fast and Easy Directions

Step 1: Apply Smile Whitening System to teeth (approximately 2 minutes).
Step 2: Shine Smile Whitening Light on teeth until it beeps and shuts off (10 minutes). Repeat twice, for a total of 3 cycles. Your teeth will be whiter in less than 40 minutes.

Step-by-Step Directions

STEP 1 - Smile Whitening System

Use a tissue to blot dry the surfaces of teeth. Use the ampoule to rub the serum into teeth as shown below.

  • FLIP

    Remove ampoule from paper sleeve, flit it over and reinsert with applicator tip pointing outwards. Don't forget to reinsert the clear ampoule into the white paper sleeve!

  • POP

    With applicator tip pointing down, squeeze until the inner tube pops and tip is saturated with serum. Make sure the applicator tip is pointing down and soaked – almost to the point of dripping – before applying.


    Apply to each tooth's surface, in a circular motion. Squeeze and apply until empty. Continue to squeeze the ampoule to move the serum out through the tip as you go!


  • As you use the ampoule, spend several seconds rubbing the serum into each tooth, and spend more time on teeth that are more discolored. Use the edges of the applicator to get into the ridges between teeth. Keep serum on teeth and away from gums as much as possible.
  • Continue to squeeze the ampoule, with the paper sleeve ON, to keep the serum flowing as you apply!
STEP 2 - Smile Whitening Light

Right after applying the whitening serum, use the light to accelerate its whitening power.


    Turn the light on by pressing the "G" button in the center.


    Position the device in mouth with lips around the mouthpiece, and light in front of teeth. Keep device in place until timer beeps.


    After the device beeps, repeat Steps 1 and 2 for a total of 3 cycles. Do not restart the light without a fresh application of whitening serum on your teeth.


  • Before you place your lips around the mouthpiece, glance quickly to make sure light is activated. Do not look directly into light source.


Smile Whitening Light System has been clinically tested by a leading oral care investigator at a major clinical site. The double-blinded, placebo-controlled study yielded the following statistically significant results:
  • Whitens teeth dramatically - up to 6 shades - in just one 30-minute treatment
  • The Light delivers 50% more whitening power than whitening gel alone
  • 100% of study participants said teeth looked whiter and brighter
  • 100% of study participants would recommend to a friend
  • 90% of study participants said it was easy and comfortable to use
  • Does not cause sensitivity
  • Safe to use every 2 weeks to maintain results


Alcohol, PVP, Hydrogen Peroxide, Flavor.