the science of GO SMiLE

If you’re like most people, brushing and flossing isn’t enough to whiten your teeth and keep them white. Why? Because a lot of visible stains and tooth color live beneath the surface of teeth, where regular oral care products can’t reach. Teeth become stained when pigments from dark food and drink enter small pores in the enamel and build up inside the teeth. During a treatment, the peroxide in a whitening formula releases oxygen ions that penetrate into teeth and remove these stains, whitening teeth inside and out.

Many whitening products on the market give disappointing results. It isn’t easy to create a formula with peroxide that’s stable and that stays chemically active, so many products don’t contain enough of it to whiten effectively. Some contain enough peroxide to work, but they’re messy and time-consuming to use, or the formula causes sensitivity. These issues make it difficult to use the product consistently or finish a treatment to get the desired result.

GO SMiLE products are different. We combine cutting-edge formula chemistry with unique and efficient application methods. Over years of listening to our customers, we’ve become the experts at formulating highly effective whiteners that are fast, easy, and a pleasure to use.

Superior formula chemistry maximizes whitening results

  • In our patented ampoules
    • - Pure and potent hydrogen peroxide releases stain-removing oxygen ions more quickly and efficiently than other commonly-used forms of peroxide
    • - Thin serum in our ampoules releases whitening ions faster and more easily than thick or sticky gels or strips, to reach and remove
  • TRULY Whitening Toothpaste System
    • - Our unique two-tube formula makes it possible to deliver a more effective level of peroxide than any other whitening toothpaste – proven to whiten as well as the best-selling strip system

Patented Ampoule Technology® delivery system is efficient and convenient

  • Preserves potent hydrogen peroxide in a sealed capsule until it’s activated at the moment of application, for maximum stain-lifting power
  • Takes just minutes to apply, twice a day – just break the capsule (or two capsules in the Double Action systems) and rub the whitening serum into teeth with the built-in applicator
  • Polymer formula adheres to teeth without strips or trays for “apply-and-go” convenience

Unique booster technologies improve speed and the whitening experience

  • Second capsule in Double Action Whitening Systems contain fluid power boosters to speed up and optimize the release of stain-lifting oxygen ions, and sensitivity buffers reduce the risk of discomfort
  • Smile Whitening Light System adds light energy to boost the speed and molecular activity of the whitening serum to make a visible difference in just one treatment

Our optimal formula chemistry and our easy-to-use application methods make GO SMiLE the best choice for you to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted!