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Power Whitening Light System



This revolutionary light-powered system is terrific for people with sensitive teeth who still want visible, same-day whitening results!  Inspired by professional whitening technology, it’s clinically proven to noticeably whiten teeth in just one treatment of about 45 minutes.  It includes the patented Smile Whitening Ampoules and both of GO SMiLE’s revolutionary “booster” technologies – Pre-Whitening Gel and the Smile Whitening Light device – for incredibly fast results.

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Power Whitening Light System combines three effective technologies in one unique system that gives you results in less than 45 minutes. Pre-Whitening Amplifier Gel accelerates and optimizes teeth whitening results while minimizing sensitivity, Smile Whitening Ampoules deliver powerful, patented teeth whitening serum and the Smile Whitening Light activates and maximizes both formulas with LED technology.

The treatment is short and simple. One treatment takes 3 swabs, 3 ampoules, the LED light and less than 45 minutes from start to finish. Begin with a convenient, single-dose swab to apply Pre-Whitening Amplifier Gel to teeth, then follow with a Smile Whitening Ampoule, which contains the whitening serum. Hold the light device to your teeth for about 10 minutes, until the timer beeps. Repeat the process two more times for a total of three cycles of Swab + Ampoule + Light. The three-step system is safe, fast and easy to use. The three technologies layer and work together to deliver significant whitening results quickly.

Smile Whitening Light with installed battery
9 0.04 oz Pre-Whitening Amplifier Gel swabs
9 0.03 oz Smile Whitening Ampoules for 3 treatments