How It Works

The key to the fast-acting Double Action System is our patented apply-and-go ampoule. Each ampoule holds two capsules, one with whitening ingredients and one with a unique combination of accelerators and optimizers that "supercharge" the whitening process. Use one ampoule, each morning and night. Squeeze it to break the capsules, so the two formulas blend into one fresh, potent "double action" whitening serum. Simply rub it into your teeth with the built-in applicator. That's all you have to do! The two formulas, when combined, whiten better than any single formula can - you could see results within one day.

See Real Results
The ampoule's applicator tip allows you to reach tough stains between teeth and close to the gumline. Image shows actual results after 12 days of treatment.
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New You

"dramatic whitening with little to no sensitivity"

From the Dentist

Each tooth has its own unique color - canines are usually darker, for instance - which can make your smile look like a checkerboard! One of my favorite features of the Double Action System is that you can use the ampoule to really give extra whitening attention to individual teeth or darker areas.


It’s also very unique that the ampoule allows you to rub the whitener into the tooth surface – you aren't waiting for it to get absorbed – which results in better whitening. It's like removing a stain from carpet – rubbing in the cleaner lifts the stain faster than just sitting the cleaner on top.


Best of all, you get the convenience of whitening with no trays or strips. Just rub the ampoule on your teeth, and you’re done! I recommend it to my patients because it’s the easiest system to complete.

- Dr. Maryann Lehmann D.D.S.