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B1 Whitening System



Teeth whitening in 10 days

The original at- home teeth whitening system, Formula B1® whitens teeth in just ten days. Our patented single-use ampoule makes it easy to apply the whitening serum directly to teeth, morning and night. B1 was the first no-mess, no-fuss alternative to strips and trays that led to the latest innovations at GO SMiLE today.

- Original formula whitens with no strips, no trays, in just 10 days
- Easy to use - just apply gel to teeth, using a new ampoule each morning and night
- Proven results shown in clinical testing

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This is the original GO SMiLE® home teeth whitening system. Our Formula B1® Tooth Whitener is still here for you, and brightens your smile in ten easy days. No mess, no fuss and no sensitivity.

If you've used B1 before and loved it, we're glad to have you use it again. But if you're interested in even more brilliant results, try our newer whitening system Double Action 6-Day System for light to moderate stains, or 12-Day System for darker stains. These products use the same easy, effective ampoule technology, with even greater formula technology, to reveal your brightest shade of white!

Includes 20 0.02 oz ampoules


B1 Whitening System

With the GO SMILE ampoule, you can easily and quickly achieve a brighter, more beautiful smile.  Our patented Ampoule Technology delivery system makes whitening your teeth beautifully simple….FLIP, POP, WHITEN!

  • FLIP

    Remove ampoule from paper sleeve, flit it over and reinsert with applicator tip pointing outwards. Don't forget to reinsert the clear ampoule into the white paper sleeve!

  • POP

    With applicator tip pointing down, squeeze until the inner tube pops and tip is saturated with serum. Make sure the applicator tip is pointing down and soaked – almost to the point of dripping – before applying.


    Apply to each tooth's surface, in a circular motion. Squeeze and apply until empty. Continue to squeeze the ampoule to move the serum out through the tip as you go!

*The longer the serum stays in direct contact with your teeth, the more effective the System will be for you.


  • Before using the ampoule, clean the surface of the teeth by brushing gently.  Blot teeth with a tissue or towel to minimize saliva, which can dilute the serum.
  • Rub the saturated applicator tip evenly over all visible tooth surfaces to distribute the serum evenly.  Then, go back and scrub each tooth, one by one, in a circular motion.
  • Spend several seconds working the serum into each tooth, and spend more time on teeth that are more discolored.  Use the edges of the applicator to get into the ridges between the teeth.  Keep serum on the teeth and away from gums as much as possible.
  • Slide back the paper sleeve and peek into the ampoule to see if there is any serum left.  Make sure you use all the serum!
  • After you use the ampoule, wait at least 20 minutes before eating and drinking so the serum stays on teeth.  The longer it stays on the teeth , the greater the whitening result.
  • You may feel some sensation on your gums or lips from the serum.  For most people, the sensation isn’t uncomfortable. If your teeth and gums are sensitive, you may feel a little more.  But don’t worry – the serum is completely safe!
  • Try to keep squeezing the ampoule in the same place, to keep the inner tube from being broken into very small pieces.  The serum can stick to the small particles, and may reduce the amount of serum that you’re able to get out of the ampule.


Alcohol, PVP, Hydrogen Peroxide, Flavor.
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