about teeth

teeth whitening 101

A bright, white smile helps anyone look young, fresh, and healthy. Some lucky people have naturally white teeth, but most teeth are slightly yellow or brown. Teeth are also porous, so dark food and drink can penetrate and stain not only the surface of teeth, but beneath the enamel, too! Brushing alone – even with a “whitening” toothpaste – won’t remove those stains.

For significantly whiter teeth, you'll need to use a whitener with peroxide, which releases ions that safely penetrate teeth and remove color, both inside and out. Choose a product that fits your lifestyle so you’re able to follow the program through to the final result. And just like taking care of your skin or hair, caring for your teeth isn’t a one-time thing – because your teeth are exposed to food and drink every day, you’ll eventually need to whiten again, to keep teeth looking their best!

the GO SMiLE difference


No matter how dark your teeth are, how quickly you want results, or how much time you can dedicate to whitening each day, GO SMiLE has the perfect whitener for you. Our proprietary Hyperox™ technology utilizes pure hydrogen peroxide and complementary ingredients that make it work faster and harder, for a difference you can see in as little as one day. And because following a program consistently and completing it as instructed is important to getting good results, we’ve gone to great lengths to improve the whitening experience. Whether you’re whitening for the first time and want dramatic results, or you drink a lot of coffee and need a little brightening every few months, our products will give you the results you want with minimal effort. We combine advanced formulas with unique, convenient application methods, so our whiteners are not only highly effective, but fast, easy, and a pleasure to use.

  • Apply-and-Go Ampoules

    Our Ampoule Technology® delivery system delivers the most intense whitening in the fewest days. It takes just a couple minutes, morning and night...our patented ampoules make serious whitening incredibly easy. Squeeze an ampoule to pop the inner capsule, and rub a fresh, potent dose of serum into your teeth with the built-in applicator – and go! There's no waiting around, like with a strip or tray. Our Double Action Systems add a second capsule with power boosters and sensitivity buffers, for even more dramatic, faster results.

  • Whiten As You Brush

    If you're willing to wait a little longer to see a dramatic difference in your smile, you don't even need to perform a separate whitening process! Whiten a little bit every day by simply adding our Teeth Whitening Gel into your regular brushing routine. Use the Gel with the Sonic Blue System to get the added benefits of sonic cleaning and power-boosting blue light. Unlike typical "whitening" toothpastes that only remove surface stains, these whiteners penetrate to remove stains inside and out, for results you can see in a few days, and dramatic results in as little as 2 weeks.

  • Smile Beauty Solutions

    GO SMiLE is an all-inclusive smile beauty company – from intensive whitening programs to daily-use oral care products, we have your smile covered! Our mission is to bring the confidence of a white smile to everyone by combining the newest dental science with innovation coming out of the beauty industry. From formula advancements to light chemistry to the newest in packaging and application, GO SMiLE pulls out all the stops to help you love your smile.