Here are some of the most frequently asked questions GO SMiLE receives. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please let us know.

Q - I would like to start using GO SMiLE. Which products should I use?
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Q - Can I still use GO SMiLE if I have used other teeth whitening systems in the past?
Yes, many people have used other whiteners and teeth bleaching kits but either weren't satisfied with the results, disliked the experience, or had so much discomfort that they weren't able to finish their treatment. Another major issue is compliance with the instructions. Many people rightfully don't have the patience to compete a messy, time-consuming, multiple-day whitening regimen.

GO SMiLE whiteners have been designed to be highly effective, and much more pleasant to use than other teeth whitening products on the market. And we offer a wide range of options based on how much time and how you like to whiten.

From Power Whitening Light System, which gives you near instant gratification – whitening your teeth in around 45 minutes – to our Pre-Whitening Gel, which can be used if you have already purchased other whitening products, such as strips or trays.  Use Pre-Whitening Gelwith them, to make them work better and with less sensitivity.

If you have just whitened your teeth, use Touch-Up®Smile Perfecting Ampoules at least once per day, and Luxury Toothpaste to keep your smile white. Whether or not you use our daily maintenance products, it is perfectly safe to use our multi-day whitening systems up to 4 times per year.  One-treatment systems such as Smile Whitening Light System and Power Whitening Light System can be used for several days in a row if desired, and then every week or two thereafter, for your whitest smile.
Q - How is the GO SMiLE whitening formula, in Smile Whitening Ampoules, different from others?
Many tooth whiteners use carbamide peroxide, which breaks down into urea and hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is the active whitening compound. By contrast, our exclusive ampoule enables them to use hydrogen peroxide in a more potent, stabilized form. There are fewer byproducts released than when carbamide peroxide is used. The single-use ampoules also give you a hygienic and perfectly-sized dose of whitening serum each and every time, that can be targeted to specific areas.
Q - Can I use the GO SMiLE whitening products if I have "unnatural" tooth surfaces?
Yes. All GO SMiLE products have been proven safe to use on all tooth and artificial restorative surfaces. They will not strip or harm your veneers, porcelain crowns, or other dental work. The whitening products may help restore the original color of the artificial surface, however it will not make the artificial tooth whiter than the original color the dentist created.
Q - Is it safe to use GO SMiLE products while pregnant or breast-feeding?
We recommend not using teeth whiteners during that time. Although there is no clinical evidence showing that it is harmful, we recommend waiting until you're no longer breast-feeding. But, you should still treat your smile to the daily whitening protection of our Luxury Toothpastes. These toothpastes are specifically formulated to keep your teeth white, while aromatherapy ingredients get you going in the morning and relax you at night.
Q - I've just whitened my teeth, how do I keep them white?
Once you've whitened your smile, use Touch Up® ampoules as often as 3 times per day, after eating and drinking, to protect your beautiful white smile. Just Flip, Pop and Touch Up whenever you want to catch stains before they set. And with a burst of minty freshness, they may just replace sugary gum and mints as your breath freshener of choice.

If you have the Smile Whitening Light System, we recommend that you use it every two weeks to keep teeth their whitest! Simply purchase replacement ampoules when you run out – three ampoules are required per treatment.
Q - I noticed a small white spot on the surface of my gums after using GO SMiLE. What is this?
It's nothing to worry about. It's simply an indication that the area is slightly inflamed. You probably had slightly irritated gums before you used the product. It's just like when you put hydrogen peroxide on a wound - it bubbles to help disinfect and clean the infected area. The spot should go away after a few minutes.
Q - Is GO SMiLE safe for everyone to use?
Our products are safe for anyone over the age of 12 to use, provided you aren't allergic to any ingredient. We don't recommend pregnant women use the whitening products, or people who have gum disease or severe dental problems. They should first check with their dentist before using any whitening product.
Q - When is the best time to use GO SMiLE Smile Whitening System and FLASHLiTES™ Smile Touch-Ups?
Smile Whitening Ampoules, as featured in Smile Whitening System, Smile Whitening Light System, and Speed Whitening System, get your teeth white, and Touch Up® ampoules keep them white. Smile Whitening Ampoules are clinically proven to safely and effectively whiten your smile. The serum contains whitening ingredients in a polymer gel that holds it onto the teeth for the optimal amount of time to produce results. Touch Up® ampoules contain a lower daily-use concentration of whitening ingredients for use up to 3 times per day. They also include a fresh flavor to act as a breath freshener.
Q - What ingredients are in GO SMiLE's whitening formula?
The whitening serum contains hydrogen peroxide, along with a unique polymer gel to adhere to your teeth for the optimal contact time, as well as a refreshing, natural mint flavor.
Q - Can't I just use hydrogen peroxide to get the same whitening benefits?
No. Hydrogen peroxide is unstable in its natural form. That is why we use a proprietary ampoule to keep the hydrogen peroxide pure and potent. The whitening serum contains a polymer gel which holds it to your tooth. Rinsing with hydrogen peroxide does not allow for the contact time necessary to lift stains.
Q - How do I use the Smile Whitening Ampoule exactly? I'm not sure I'm doing it correctly.
FLIP: Pull ampoule from outer sleeve. Flip the ampoule over and reinsert it into the sleeve with the applicator tip pointing outwards.

POP: Center the ampoule between the thumb and index finger. With the applicator tip pointing down, squeeze firmly until the inner tube pops. You've just activated the whitening serum. Continue to squeeze until the tip is saturated with serum.

WHITEN: Apply to each tooth's surface in a circular motion. Avoid sensitivity by targeting away from the gum area. Continue to squeeze the ampoule as you apply the serum until it is empty. The entire process should take about 2 minutes. Make sure you do not eat, drink or rinse for 20 minutes after you apply the Smile Whitening Ampoule to allow for optimal contact time.

In Smile Whitening System, you use an ampoule twice a day, ideally after brushing and flossing your teeth, morning and night, for a week. With Speed Whitening System, you use a Pre-Whitening Gel swab, then an ampoule (both included), morning and night for four days. With the Smile Whitening Light, you use three ampoules per treatment – three passes of ampoule-plus-light – to whiten your teeth in just half an hour!
Q - When is the best time to use GO SMiLE whitening products and Touch-Ups?
The Smile Whitening System and Touch Up® ampoules fit easily into your lifestyle. Smile Whitening System should be used twice a day, morning and night, for a week after brushing with the delicious aromatherapy Luxury Toothpastes.

Speed Whitening System should be used morning and night for four days.

The Smile Whitening Light System should be used every 2 weeks – it's just one 30-minute treatment. Likewise for the Power Whitening Light System, which takes about 45 minutes.

To maintain your white smile, use at least one Touch Up® ampoule per day as part of your routine. You can use them up to 3 times per day after eating and drinking to keep stains from setting, and to freshen your breath.
Q - Can I swallow or ingest the solution, or should I spit it out?
It's all right to swallow the solution. If you prefer to spit it out, it will not affect the treatment. However, you should not rinse out the mouth or wipe the serum off the teeth, as the formula requires about 20 minutes of contact time for optimal results.
Q - Do GO SMiLE's Touch-Ups replace brushing my teeth?
No. Nothing replaces brushing and flossing. But Touch-Ups can help erase daily stains and provide the freshness of a mid-day brush when you're not able to brush your teeth!
Q - Can I use Toothpastes while using whitening systems, or should I use them once the desired shade has been reached?
We recommend using the Luxury Toothpastes in conjunction with our whitening systems during the treatment period, and everyday thereafter to keep your teeth white. They not only have the ability to keep your smile healthy, but provide delicious stimulating and soothing aromatherapy benefits.
Q - I saw great results, but want whiter teeth. Is it safe to use another Smile Whitening System or should I just use Touch-Ups?
Yes. It is safe to use Smile Whitening System up to 4 times per year to achieve the level of whiteness that you desire. If you've only tried Smile Whitening System, we recommend you upgrade to Speed Whitening System, Smile Whitening Light System or Power Whitening Light System – newer whitening systems which include today's most advanced "accelerating" technology! And to keep your smile white everyday, you can use Touch-Ups up to 3 times per day, or our convenient ON THE GO® Teeth Whitening Pen.
Q - Is there an expiration date on GO SMiLE ampoules?
No, although the proprietary ampoule ensures that the whitening serum stays fresh and potent for two years – plenty of time to use them after purchase.
Q - Are there any side effects associated with the GO SMiLE ampoules?
There are no expected side effects, unless you are allergic to certain ingredients. Unlike many other whitening products, NO SENSITIVITY was experienced by subjects in a full clinical study!
Q - What is the difference between the GO SMiLE lip balm and a regular one?
Our Lip Balm is more than just a quick fix - it's like a facial for your lips! It has been formulated with retinol to help restore lips to their youthful appearance, and it deeply comforts and moisturizes with shea and cocoa butters.
Q - What do the whitening products taste like?
No offensive taste is a great aspect of GO SMiLE products! Our Smile Whitening Ampoules have a nice, refreshing mint flavor. And Pre-Whitening Gel doesn't have a flavor at all.
Q - Is GO SMiLE available in stores?
You can find GO SMiLE products in high-end department stores and boutiques, but there are often special prices and offers available at our website.
Q - What is the warranty?
Our products come with a full 30-day satisfaction guarantee of the purchase price.
Q - How often can I use the Power Whitening Light System, and what happens when I run out of Smile Whitening Ampoules?
Because new stains from food and drink set into teeth every day, it's recommended to do a treatment with the System every two weeks to keep your teeth their whitest. Simply purchase refills of the Pre-Whitening Gel (or Pre-Whitening Amplifier) and Smile Whitening Ampoules – remember that you will use 3 of each formula during each treatment. Of course, you can reuse the same light device for years.
Q - How do I keep my Smile Whitening Light clean?
The patent-pending device design can be easily cleaned, which allows you to share the system with the entire family! To clean and disinfect Smile Whitening Light, simply detach the mouthpiece from the light device. Wash the mouthpiece with warm water and soap, or soak in mouthwash to remove saliva and bacteria. DO NOT immerse the light device in water. Use an antibacterial wipe to clean the device and lens over the light source.
Q - What type of battery does the Smile Whitening Light use?
The Smile Whitening Light uses a type CR123A 3V lithium battery, which would be available at your local hardware and drug stores if you'd like to replace it.